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A New Private Middle School Near Westminster

Most parents can agree that middle school is a memorable, exciting, yet complicated stage of a child’s life, which is why public or private middle schools have such a great impact on teens’ lives. During this period students are developing at different rates, and therefore a one-size fits all approach does not work when it comes to middle school education. To combat this issue, Denver Lab School, a proposed private middle school near Westminster, will be opening in Fall 2021 for students in grades sixth, seventh, and eighth. This school is focused on providing students with an individualized experience through its student-focused teaching style and progressive approach to grading and assessm

Bring Out the Best in Your Child with Private Education in Denver

In middle school, students go through huge changes, both physically and mentally. You will start to see your child develop their own opinions and viewpoints, and this is the age where young teens are starting to figure out their true interests, and possibly, what they want to do for a career. This is the perfect time to enroll your child in private education in Denver. By implementing the newest teaching trends and unique activities in our classrooms, Denver Lab School is able to offer an individualized and high-quality education that is sure to bring out the best in your child during this important development stage. Life Skills Your Child Will Learn at Denver Lab School Teachers play a la

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