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What is a “Lab School”?

Lab schools have historically been associated with universities as a place to put into practice research-based instruction, innovation, and teacher development. While Denver Lab School operates independently, we are dedicated to the original mission of the lab school movement by giving our students the opportunity to learn in the most innovative environment and grow alongside gifted educators.

Is Denver Lab School co-ed?

Denver Lab School proudly serves students of all gender identities. 

What grades does Denver Lab School offer?

Denver Lab School will offer grades sixth, seventh, and eighth in our inaugural year. Moving forward, each year we will add another class until we expand to a full middle and high school, grades 6-12.

Are there opportunities for parent involvement?

Starting in the Spring of 2022, Denver Lab School will convene its first Parent Advisory Committee, which will be an open forum and drive the formulation of our community. 

Does Denver Lab School offer any extracurricular activities?

At Denver Lab School we want to empower students to define and contribute to the culture of our school, and supporting student-sponsored extracurricular activities and clubs will certainly be a major part of that effort. 

What is the student to teacher ratio at Denver Lab School?

Denver Lab School has a student-faculty ratio of 12:1. Many classes will be co-taught with teaching fellows, which will drop this ratio below 8:1.

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