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Learning to Learn Better

Most schools were designed hundreds of years ago. Denver Lab School puts you at the center of your learning, aligning skills with your passions and your interests positioning you to make a lasting impact on your community and yourself.

At Denver Lab School you will think critically, solve real-world problems, collaborate, communicate and become a leader with the skills and habits necessary to make a difference in an ever-evolving future.

Be part of designing that future...

At Denver Lab School, learning is...

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holistic + authentic


Students will develop mind, body, and character through a mix of cognitive, social, and emotional skills. Growing as students, citizens, and people. This allows students to align skills and knowledge developed at DLS to their passions and goals, empowering them to create impact.

equitable + empowering


Students at Denver Lab School get the resources they need to succeed, regardless of their background, in a culturally responsive fashion. Students' voice and choice are celebrated. At Denver Lab School, we know the sum of our community is greater than the number of individuals that comprises it. 

Building Robot Vehicle
Students in Music Room

Student Centered

experiential + connected

Learning takes place everywhere: in the streets of the city and the edges of nature, in the classroom and at home. Students at Denver Lab School apply their learning in four quarter length projects and two immersive intensive courses, becoming life-long learners in the process.


motivating + student centered

Students at Denver Lab School always know the purpose behind what they're learning and why they're learning it. Through feedback, growing competence, connecting to their learning, and autonomy students take ownership of the learning process.

students painting