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Private Middle School Near Westminster: Get Ahead at
Denver Lab School

We are a private middle school near Westminster devoted to transforming enthusiastic, eager, and motivated young students into more knowledgeable, active, and analytical high school-ready students. At Denver Lab School we give keen attention and support to our students so they excel in our competitive and extensive curriculum. 


Middle school is the time and place where the transition from childhood to adolescence happens and thus, a complicated phase for many students. They must have proper guidance and adequate learning in order to become the responsible and knowledgeable young leaders of their generation, and Denver Lab School is ready to mentor your child to be so. 

How We Instill Growth in our Students

Our students’ success is ours too. We are dedicated to guiding our students every step of the way and teaching them everything we can to prepare them for the future. With our well-versed curriculum, we want our students to have the freedom to explore and develop an undying hunger for learning early on to aid in the growth of their passions. 


Setting our Students Up for Success

Comprised of multiple programs, our middle school curriculum focuses on educational development and personal growth stimulation. Denver Lab School offers both academic and cognitive development programs that will enhance your student with both analytical and communication skills. 


Our Middle School Curriculum

To set our students up for success, the following areas of learning are what you can expect your child to experience and learn at Denver Lab School in addition to our middle school curriculum:


  • Skill-focused learning 

We understand how vital academic learning is to the development of the students’ cognitive ability, and our teaching approach combines both academic and skill-focused learning for maximum cognitive growth. To develop our students’ abilities in other skill areas, such as critical thinking and communication, we practice developing these useful skills in our classrooms.


  • Self-directed learning

At Denver Lab School we want every student to leave our school as a self-directed learner. We recognize that every student has their own strengths, passions, and purpose in our community and we want to engage these individual aspects of our students by allowing them to learn more about the material that interests them through our student-centered learning approach. 


  • Hands-on learning

At Denver Lab School we train our students to think critically and push them to make their own discoveries by engaging with the subjects they are learning about in a hand-on way. Our curriculum allows students to learn through observation, error, and correction because we believe this teaches them that practice makes perfect and how to learn from their mistakes.


You Child’s Future is Gold with Denver Lab School!
Denver Lab School is a student-centered private middle school near Westminster that aims to provide a high-quality middle school education to its community. Enroll your child at Denver Lab School now! Contact us at (303) 536-1761 for more details. 


What is a “Lab School”?

Lab schools have historically been associated with universities as a place to put into practice research-based instruction, innovation, and teacher development. While Denver Lab School operates independently, we are dedicated to the original mission of the lab school movement by giving our students the opportunity to learn in the most innovative environment and grow alongside gifted educators.

What grades does Denver Lab School offer?

Denver Lab School will offer grades sixth, seventh, and eighth in our inaugural year. Moving forward, each year we will add another class until we expand to a full middle and high school, grades 6-12.

Does Denver Lab School offer extracurricular activities?

At Denver Lab School we want to empower students to define and contribute to the culture of our school, and supporting student-sponsored extracurricular activities and clubs will certainly be a major part of that effort.