Open Notebook




At Denver Lab School, learning is….



The experience of quality and intimate private schools should be accessible and affordable. This is why financial aid will be available to families. Also, Equity is a central goal of competency-based education systems. Competency-based education is driven by the equity-seeking need to transform our educational system so all students can and will learn through full engagement and support and through authentic, rigorous learning experiences inside and outside the classroom.



Learning must be deep, enduring, purposeful, and transferable. Learning is a continuous process that requires intellectual risk-taking and a willingness to try, fail, reflect, and develop a plan to improve. At DLS, students are supported by their teachers and advisors to learn how to learn, and master essential competencies, set goals, reflect, and demonstrate their learning in authentic and meaningful ways. 



At any age, the learner should drive the direction of their education under the guidance and mentorship of their peers and teachers. When students own their learning, their natural curiosity and joy will allow them to truly become lifelong learners. At DLS, learning is personalized, which means students have a choice over their learning based on interests and needs, flexible pacing, and/or access to differentiated content based on learning needs.


Experiential & Inquiry-Based

The classroom is only one step in the learning experience. Students apply their learning to the real world outside of the classroom using the city of Denver as a lab. At DLS, teachers and students design experiences that help them approach answers to the questions that most intrigue them. Students learn through meaningful, relevant projects and apply their learning to engaging activities and authentic assessments. 


Community & Belonging

In order to be willing to be courageous, intellectual risk-takers, students need to feel supported, confident, and safe. Whether it’s due to our progressive approach to grading and assessment or commitment to social-emotional learning, students at DLS know that they have a community around them where they are known and heard. 


What is a “Lab School”?

Lab schools have historically been associated with universities as a place to put into practice research-based instruction, innovation, and teacher development. While Denver Lab School operates independently, we are dedicated to the original mission of the lab school movement by giving our students the opportunity to learn in the most innovative environment and grow alongside gifted educators.

What grades does Denver Lab School offer?

Denver Lab School will offer grades sixth, seventh, and eighth in our inaugural year. Moving forward, each year we will add another class until we expand to a full middle and high school, grades 6-12.

Does Denver Lab School offer extracurricular activities?

At Denver Lab School we want to empower students to define and contribute to the culture of our school, and supporting student-sponsored extracurricular activities and clubs will certainly be a major part of that effort.