A New Private Middle School Near Westminster

Most parents can agree that middle school is a memorable, exciting, yet complicated stage of a child’s life, which is why public or private middle schools have such a great impact on teens’ lives. During this period students are developing at different rates, and therefore a one-size fits all approach does not work when it comes to middle school education.

To combat this issue, Denver Lab School, a proposed private middle school near Westminster, will be opening in Fall 2021 for students in grades sixth, seventh, and eighth. This school is focused on providing students with an individualized experience through its student-focused teaching style and progressive approach to grading and assessments.

Driving Middle Schoolers to Success

It is imperative that you send your child to a middle school that will help him or her not only prepare for high school, but also life after school. Denver Lab School, a private middle school near Westminster, is prepared to take on the challenge of shaping the next generation and is confident in its ability to do so. With just 40 students per grade, students will learn and grow in an intimate environment that allows them to follow their individual passions.

Why Denver Lab School?

There are multiple options for middle schools near and in Westminster to choose from. So what sets Denver Lab School apart from these other middle schools? Here are our top selling points and what makes our private middle school unique compared to other schools:

  • Small Classes

Denver Lab School is student-focused and we believe every student deserves one-on-one attention, which is why we have ensured our student-faculty ratio is low. In our bigger classrooms, our student-faculty ratio is equal to 12:1; however, in classrooms that are co-taught with teaching fellows, this ratio drops below 8:1. Traditionally, most schools have a student-faculty ratio closer to 26:1.

  • Student-focused

Our student-centered learning approach is focused on developing students’ love for learning early on in life and creating an engaging learning environment. We do this by determining what makes our students motivated to learn and allowing them to have a larger role in their education than they would at other schools. We focus on students’ interest and incorporate them in the classroom so our students feel motivated to learn and their curiosity is engaged. Another reason we do this is because when a student’s curiosity isn't engaged, neither are they.

  • Increased access to inquiry-based and hands-on education

One of our primary goals at Denver Lab School is to empower students' strengths and help them transform weaknesses into strengths. At Denver Lab School, we do this by implementing inquiry-based and hands-on learning activities into our classrooms. These educational approaches also help our students learn how to work through problems and learn from their mistakes.

Entrust your Child with Denver Lab School Near Westminster!

We are a private middle school near Westminster offering a high-quality and affordable private middle school education for students of all backgrounds. We not only focus on education, but also creating a community where our students feel safe and cared for. For more details, visit our website bit.ly/3iv1YF4 today.

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