Bring Out the Best in Your Child with Private Education in Denver

In middle school, students go through huge changes, both physically and mentally. You will start to see your child develop their own opinions and viewpoints, and this is the age where young teens are starting to figure out their true interests, and possibly, what they want to do for a career. This is the perfect time to enroll your child in private education in Denver.

By implementing the newest teaching trends and unique activities in our classrooms, Denver Lab School is able to offer an individualized and high-quality education that is sure to bring out the best in your child during this important development stage.

Life Skills Your Child Will Learn at Denver Lab School

Teachers play a large role in your child's development and future success by helping them develop skills they will need later in life. At Denver Lab School, we help students practice life skills such as organization, time management, and problem-solving through our curriculum and classroom activities. We also encourage students to solve problems on their own by discussing the core issue and possible solutions to resolving it, instead of other teaching styles that focus on memorization and teacher directed instruction.

How Denver Lab School Will Influence Your Child

As a private school, our mission is to balance curiosity and support in the development of the whole person. While we are a private middle school, we want to leave an impact on your child for life. Here are a few ways that our curriculum and school will help your students become the best version of themselves:

  • Encouraging life-long learning

Learning is a continuous process and Denver Lab School wants to instill this practice in its students by encouraging intellectual risk-taking and the willingness to try, fail, reflect, and develop a plan to improve.

  • Providing them with individualized challenges

Our student-centered learning approach allows students the opportunity to take on a more active role in their education. To help create individualized challenges and learning opportunities, we incorporate students' interests into lessons so their natural curiosity and creativity are developed.

  • Creating a feeling of community & belonging

Believing in students is a powerful force that drives them to the top. It is very motivating to know that someone, even just one person, believes in you. Our teachers strive to make students feel supported, confident, and safe by creating a sense of community where students are both known and heard.

Bring Out the Best in Your Child with Denver Lab School

Looking for a private education in Denver to help your child reach their fullest potential? At Denver Lab School, we are dedicated to making learning deep, enduring, purposeful, and transferable. It is through our student-centered approach that we can confidently prepare young people to own their learning in college, career, and life. Call us at 303-536-1761 or visit for more details.

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