Denver Lab School: Soon Offering Private Education Near Westminster

Denver Lab School will open its doors to students and offer private education near Westminster starting in the Fall of 2021. The school’s overall mission is to establish a deep curiosity in each of its students, and support in the development of the whole student while allowing them to pursue their passions and use their surroundings as a means to gain knowledge.

Through this mission our school also strives to provide students with individualized learning experiences and provide ample attention to each student's educational needs. Therefore, if you are looking for a high-quality and unique private education near Westminster, be sure to check out Denver Lab School.

Focus on Development Ready

In today's world, 21st-century careers require the ability to communicate well and collaborate with a team. Our private middle school helps students develop great communication skills by exercising their ability to collaborate with others while voicing their opinions during classroom activities. Our curriculum also focuses on developing critical thinking and analytical skills through our hands-on learning approach.

Unique Selling Points of Denver Lab School

We aim to help our students grow both academically and personally by providing them with an educational experience they cannot receive anywhere else. Our unique lab style school, combined with the most up-to-date teaching techniques, creates an environment where students will grow into self-directed learners and thrive in college, career, and life. Here is more information about the most important and unique features of our school:

  • Lab school

Lab schools originally were developed by universities to implement the research-based instruction, innovation, and teacher development strategies studied at the institution. Denver Lab School operates independently from other lab schools and universities, but is dedicated to the original mission of the lab school movement. However, our school supports the mission by giving students the opportunity to learn in the most innovative environment alongside gifted educators.

  • Hands-on learning approach

Teachers at Denver Lab School take learning outside of the classroom and focus on students applying their knowledge to the real world. Our teaching approach also is focused on learning skills over facts, focusing on creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, and communicating to prepare students for the future.

  • Student-centered learning

At Denver Lab School we encourage our students to take on a more active role in their education by involving them in it. To ensure a unique experience learning is customized, engaging, and fueled by each student's interests and curiosity. Lessons are created based on each student’s individual needs and interests so no two students will have the same experience.

  • Affordable and inclusive private education

While Denver Lab School prioritizes access and affordability to private education, some families may still find affording a private school’s tuition a stretch. That is why our school is committed to making financial aid readily available to families and the Westminster community.

  • Small class sizes

Denver Lab School has a student-faculty ratio of 12:1 in its largest classrooms, but works to lower this ratio to 8:1 by having classes co-taught with teaching fellows. As one of our main goals is to give keen attention to each student, we strive to have the lowest ratio possible so our students can explore their passion while developing their weakness into strength.

Let Denver Lab School Play a Role in Your Child’s Life

Denver Lab School is ready and qualified to provide a competitive and high-quality private education to families in the Westminster community. Let us play a role in your child’s development and apply to Denver Lab School for the Fall of 2021! Contact us at or visit our website for more details

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