School Spotlight: Private Education Near Westminster

Deciding to enroll your child in a private school near Westminster is a big decision, but it can put your child ahead while helping them establish a love for learning. If you are looking for a private education institution near Westminster that prioritizes your child's specific needs and interests above all, then check out Denver Lab School!

We will be located only a short distance from Westminster in downtown Denver and are scheduled to open in the Fall of 2022 for grades 6th through 8th. Our school not only values each child’s individual abilities, but it also strives to establish a deep curiosity in each student.

Our Mission and Vision

At Denver Lab School we work every day to make learning equitable, purposeful, student-centered, experimental, and inquiry-based while creating a sense of community and belongingness amongst our students. For this reason, teachers at Denver Lab School tailor and individualize daily lessons to their student’s unique skills, passions, and interests. We also aim to make learning deep, enduring, purposeful, and transferable by encouraging intellectual risk-taking and pushing students to reach their fullest potentials. By using Denver and the surrounding communities as a means of learning, students are also taught to use the world around them as a textbook and way to facilitate knowledge.

How Denver Lab School Can Support Your Child

Middle school is an important development period of a child’s life and who your child’s role models are and who they are surrounded by has a great impact on them. Enrolling your child in a school that not only supports them academically but also helps them in all aspects of their life will help them later on. Below are the attributes that make our private school different from the others in the area and the reasons why your child will love our school:

  • Inclusive private middle school

At Denver Lab School we embrace and celebrate every child’s individual differences and unique attributes. We proudly serve students of all gender identities, origins, and financial backgrounds with the hope of our school reflecting Denver’s diversity. We want our classrooms to be a dynamic place where students from different backgrounds are brought together and excel together.

  • Student-centered learning and lessons

Through our student-centered learning model and lessons, students at Denver Lab School are given the chance to engage with the topics they are interested in while mastering grade-specific curriculum. No two students will have the same learning experience at our school and we strive for each child to take on a bigger role in their educational journey. We also focus on honing in on students’ strengths and weaknesses so we can help them master their weaknesses and become more confident in their academic abilities.

  • Hands-on learning approach

Our hands-on learning approach is focused on students engaging with the subjects they are interested in learning about in a hands-on and critical way. We encourage our students to think critically and analytically when interacting with new material in an effort to push them to make their own discoveries and connections to material they already know and understand.

Why Choose Denver Lab School?

Denver Lab School is ready to take on the challenge of helping your child succeed and excel in college, career, and life. We believe that every student is unique and that their educational journey should reflect that, which is why we offer a student-centered and hands-on curriculum near Westminster. If you are looking for a unique private education near Westminster for your middle schooler, consider Denver Lab School! For more information about our school, email or check out our website.

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