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Since middle school plays a big part in preparing students for high school, career, and life, it is the perfect time to start understanding students’ preferred learning styles.

Denver Lab School’s student-centered learning approach allows students to not only take ownership of their learning but also learn the way they prefer and interact with material in ways best suited to their learning style. The school’s downtown location is only a short drive from Lakewood, and one of the only accessible and affordable private middle schools that prioritizes a truly individualized learning experience.

Importance of Children’s Learning Preferences

Learning styles are categorized by the dominant sense used by the learner and include hearing, seeing, doing, reading, and writing. Most students will incorporate more than one way of learning throughout their academic career, and their preferences can change with age.

Understanding how your student prefers to learn is important because leading research shows that when students are in control of their learning, their natural curiosity and joy will allow them to truly become lifelong learners.

How Denver Lab School Caters to Different Learning Styles

Since every child is different and learns differently, Denver Lab School builds its style of instruction on personalized learning. Our private middle school and student-centered curriculum incorporates multiple learning styles and allows students to have a choice over their learning based on interests and needs. Here is how different learning styles are incorporated in our classrooms:

  • Visual Learners

Visual learners learn through observations such as looking at pictures, diagrams, and written directions. At Denver Lab School students learn through meaningful, relevant projects and apply their learning to engaging activities. For visual learners, this means interacting with material by creating diagrams, drawings, and pictures.

  • Auditory Learners

Auditory learners perceive topics better through information presented orally in presentations, stories or discussions. To cater to our auditory learners we encourage thoughtful discussions in our classroom to better understand topics.

  • Kinesthetic Learners

Kinesthetic or physical learners learn best by using their sense of touch. Denver Lab School is a very hands-on school, and we believe the classroom is only one step in the learning experience. Students will apply their learning to the real world outside of the classroom using the city of Denver as a lab. Teachers and students also design experiences that help them approach answers to the questions that most intrigue them.

  • Reading or Writing Learners

These students learn best by writing, reading books, journals, and researching through the web. These learners are much more into traditional learning and can adapt learning through given notes and reading books.

Apply to Denver Lab School for Fall of 2021!

If you want your child to receive an individualized education at a trusted private middle school near Lakewood, Denver Lab School is the place to choose! Denver Lab School is here to empower students and provide them with a quality hands-on and student-centered private education. Contact us today at for more information!

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