Ultimate Guide to Finding the Perfect Private Middle School in Denver

Choosing which private or public middle school to enroll your child in is a big decision and can involve a lot of research and information gathering. Learning about a school's reputation, academic excellence, and after-school programs can all be helpful in narrowing down your list, but before choosing a private middle school in Denver, make sure to research Denver Lab School and see if it is the perfect fit for your child.

Denver Lab School is a student-centered and hands-on private middle school that will soon open in downtown Denver. Our school is excited to start pursuing its mission of helping students develop their curiosities and unique passions while using the world around them to learn. Through this mission we want to impact the next generation of leaders and empower them to reshape the world through a continuous pursuit of growth.

Benefit of a Private Middle School Education

Most families choose to send their child to a private school to ensure their child receives a high-quality education, but there are many other benefits to this choice. The advantages of a private school education include smaller classes, personalized learning experiences, excellent school facilities, and a bigger focus on the development of the whole student. Private middle schools, like Denver Lab School, also encourage students to tap into their inner curiosity and develop a love for learning while mastering grade curriculum.

Why Choose Denver Lab School?

Denver Lab School is a lab-style middle school that aims to expand students’ curiosities while helping them excel in the most innovative environment. Learn more about the benefits of Denver Lab School's private education below:

  • Newest teaching styles and dedicated teachers

Our teachers stay up-to-date on the newest information and research in the academic field so they can implement new teaching styles and lessons into our classrooms. Not only are our teachers dedicated to each student, but they are dedicated to our mission of shaping the next generation of leaders to empower change in the world.

  • Low Faculty-Student Ratio

Most private schools operate with smaller classes than public schools and also have lower ratios between teachers and students. This allows students more one-on-one time with their teachers and for a close-knit community to be developed between students. Small classes also allow the teachers at Denver Lab School to know each student’s strengths and weaknesses and create learning activities specifically to strengthen and improve them.

  • Hands-On and Student-Centered Approaches

Due to the school’s smaller classes, students at Denver Lab School have the ability to learn in a hands-on and student-centered environment. We incorporate hand-on learning into our classroom activities so our students develop critical thinking skills and learn how to work through real world problems. We have a student-centered approach so that each student has an individualized learning experience tailored to their strengths and weaknesses, and their passions and curiosities.

Choose Denver Lab School!

If you are debating sending your child to a private middle school in the Denver area, make sure to check out Denver Lab School! Our new school is ready to provide children in the Denver community with unique learning opportunities and give them a place where they can discover their passions and excel. For more information about our private middle school in Denver, contact us at info@denverlabschool.org or check out our website today.

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