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 Denver Lab School: Transforming Students Through

Private Education in Denver

Denver Lab School teachers wants to exceed their roles as educators and help more children reach their fullest potential. With enriched academic opportunities, a student-centered learning style, and hands-on learning activities, we are certain that we can shape your child to academic and moral excellence.


Fueled by a wide range of specializations and a team of professional, dedicated teachers, we are certain that we can lead our students to new heights. One of our main goals is to give keen attention to each student, which we are able to do through our student-centered learning approach and student-faculty ratio of 12:1. These factors also allow our students to explore their passion and focus on developing their weakness into strength. 

We Help Students Develop Goals for the Future

At Denver Lab School we want to help our students identify their goals in life and give them a multitude of opportunities to start reaching them. One way we bring our students closer to attaining their goals is through our extensive learning strategies, student-centered teaching style, and hands-on learning opportunities. More so, through our academic curriculum we teach our students to collaborate and enhance their analytical skills, which they will need to be successful in the future.

Paving the Way to Student Success

To enrich our students’ knowledge and skills, we have set high standards in our classrooms and expect students to give every assignment and project their all. In addition, to mold our students into fully equipped and intellectual individuals, we focus on the following areas of learning: 

  • Collaboration and communication skills​

We offer co-curricular activities including, but not limited to, arts, athletics, and school clubs to help our students shape their leadership skills, physical abilities, and develop their communication skills through teams. 


  • Shaping creativity skills and self-expression

We encourage students to take their education into their own hands and develop a hunger for learning. We offer extensive hands-on learning activities and our classrooms are focused on students taking on a a bigger role in their educational development and providing them with a means to express themselves.​


  • Analytical Thinking Skills

By providing unique opportunities for social learning, cognitive development, and problem solving practice we help our students develop and sharpen their analytical thinking skills so they have techniques to use and are ready to take on any problem that comes their way.

Our Students, Our Pride

By going beyond the mandatory curriculum for learning and taking extra steps to offer our students the newest advancements in learning, we are devoted to shaping the next generation to be highly intellectual individuals who do not only excel in academics, but also have distinguished morals.  

We understand that choosing a private education institution to enroll your child is not easy. However, if you want your child to be armed with a high-quality education, open-mindedness, and high morals, enroll your child now at Denver Lab School! For more details, contact us at (303) 536-1761


What is a “Lab School”?

Lab schools have historically been associated with universities as a place to put into practice research-based instruction, innovation, and teacher development. While Denver Lab School operates independently, we are dedicated to the original mission of the lab school movement by giving our students the opportunity to learn in the most innovative environment and grow alongside gifted educators.

What grades does Denver Lab School offer?

Denver Lab School will offer grades sixth, seventh, and eighth in our inaugural year. Moving forward, each year we will add another class until we expand to a full middle and high school, grades 6-12.

Does Denver Lab School offer extracurricular activities?

At Denver Lab School we want to empower students to define and contribute to the culture of our school, and supporting student-sponsored extracurricular activities and clubs will certainly be a major part of that effort.