Experience Top-notch Private Education Near Westminster

Denver Lab School offers private education near Westminster with the aim of preparing the next generation for their bright futures. We offer hands-on learning and other top-notch educational activities to help our students develop the necessary skills for their future careers.


As a private middle school, we offer our students an advanced and high-quality education while shaping them during their major transition from childhood to adolescence. This time period is integral for learning, and because education is the best investment you can make in your child, enrolling your child in Denver Lab School near Westminster is one of the best things you can do to set your child up for success.


Be “Real World” Ready

As a small private middle school near Westminster, we want our students to be career-ready and be the kind of professionals that strive for greatness. To help our students be “real world” ready we provide them with opportunities to work through real-life problems through our hands-on learning approach. Our student-centered learning approach also encourages our students to pursue their interests and passions early on in their educational careers.  


Top-Class Educational Opportunities for Top-Class Students

We want to produce top-class students so we are giving them nothing less than top-class educational opportunities. We aim to help our students grow both academically and professionally by enhancing the following skills through our educational model: 


  • Collaboration and communication skills

Excellence starts with the ability to communicate well and collaborate with the team you belong to. We train our students to become great communicators by exercising their ability to collaborate with others while voicing their opinions during classroom activities. 


  • Shaping creativity skills and self-expression

We encourage our students to let their imagination be limitless and explore the world through different hands-on learning approaches and other learning styles. At Denver Lab School we believe that pursuing your passion and letting your creativity shine is never wrong. 


  • Analytical Thinking Skills

A person’s analytical skills play a vital role in their success. Being able to figure out a real problem and identify the solution to solve the problem requires a strong and wise mind. To enhance our students’ analytical and critical thinking skills we use a hands-on learning approach in our classrooms.


Enroll now at Denver Lab School near Westminster

Denver Lab School is a student-centered school near Westminster that aims to shape the next generation into smart, creative and analytical professionals of the world. Enroll your child at Denver Lab School now! Contact us at (303) 536-1761 for more details. 

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